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Understand Your Dreams

Have you had a crazy dream? From Flying monkeys, to parties on the moon, to an encounter with an ex-lover, we have all had our fair share of weird dreams. Often, we dismiss the messages from our dream, thinking it's "just a dream." This is not the truth! In fact, each one of our dreams carries deep messages from our unconscious mind, holding unique symbols that can help us to understand ourselves in a deeper way. 

Dreams are one of my absolute favorite ways to work with the unconscious because they feel so magical, and each dream is so unique. I am happy to offer you a dream interpretation session. Check out the details below!


  • Uncover hidden insights and guidance from your deepest self.

  • Gain self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your emotions and desires.

  • Resolve inner conflicts and experience personal growth and healing.

  • Ignite creativity and find inspiration.

  • Cultivate positive changes in relationships, career, and overall well-being.


  • Cost: $50

  • 40-minute session

  • Preliminary communication to ensure thorough and applicable session.

  • A follow-up email with a summary, symbols, and suggestions.

  • Invitation to complimentary active imagination meditation session.

Book Your Dream Interpretation Session

Dreams are an incredible way to learn about yourself by working with the unconscious mind. To schedule a session, simply click the button to select a time. I will contact you to arrange payment before your session. When scheduling your Dream Interpretation session, you will be asked for details about the dream. Please provide as many details about the dream as possible. Include any people, symbols, places, colors, feelings, and emotions. This will help our session to be as effective as possible. I can't wait to hear about your dream! 

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."
- Carl Jung

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